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Information for visitors to the Center for Combinatorics of Nankai Universitiy

The Center for Combinatorics at Nankai University is located in Nankai campus. There are current textbooks, computers and a feeling of research among the students and professors. We hope to broaden our field of research communication by opening our doors to researchers from all over the world.

1. Visiting procedure

1) Visa procedure

  • Apply for a “F” visa or travel visa

    a. “F”visa requires an official invitation document that you can take to the nearest Chinese Embassy for a Chinese visa application.

    b. If you come on a travel visa, the travel agency will take care of getting your visa.

  • The center will provide two documents. One is an official invitation with the Center's stamp that you might need for your office or university. The other one is the official invitation. After completing and returning the following information to the Foreign Affairs office of Nankai University, you will obtain the official invitation document to get your visa application from China Embassy.

  • Foreign visitors, please provide the following information for visa application:


    Name (in passport)

      Passport number





    Work place or address








    Duration of visiting

    If you will be coming with a companion, please provide the same information.

  • The receiving the official visa invitation, the center will e-mail the scanned document to you. If you require an original, get in touch with us and we will mail to the address of your choice.

2) Arrival in China


Train: If you arrive in the Tianjin train station, take the No.8 bus and get off at Balitai Stop, which is the East gate to Nankai University, or take a taxi to Nankai University. It will cost you about 25 CNY by taxi or 2 CNY by bus to reach the university. There is a campus shuttle by the East gate that can take you to the center (opposite of Nankai Students' Association Center).


Plane: If you have arranged you schedule, please e-mail us some details including flight number, departure time, arrival time and anything else.
If schedule changed, inform us as soon as possible either by phone or e-mail.
We will send someone to meet you at the airport. Please look for the sign with your name after you exit the gate of the baggage claim area. Just in case you can't find us, please stay by the door of the exit.
It does not happen often, but it may happen that your luggage may be delayed due to tight connection time. So you’d better keep all the important items with you.

3) Accommodation


Center will arrange accommodation with a standard room for you.


How to get in touch with us


Judy Lu


Tel: # 86-22-2350-2180


Fax: # 86-22-2350-9272


Email: judy@nankai.edu.cn

4) How to cover ticket

As to national scholar, keep your ticket and boarding card; as for foreign scholar, please keep you electronic ticket and invoice.

2. At the end of your visit

(1) Complete the Summary report of your work while at Center of Combinatorics at Nankai University. The table can be down loaded from: Summary-Report.doc. Please return this form by e-mail to Judy Lu(Email: judy@nankai.edu.cn)

(2) When you return home please return a copy of any published papers that have been written while here at the University.
Please also include the following in the affiliation list of your papers.


Center for Combinatorics. LPMC


Nankai University, Tianjin 300017


People’s Republic of China

(3) Remember to return all keys, books and other items that belong to the center.

(4) To plan for your return home please contact Chris Wu three days before departure

We hope your visit at the Center of Combinatorics is both useful and pleasant.