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Applications in Computer Science

  • 25 -SHI Fulltext Reading and Searching System
    25-SHI a collection of literature study of Chinese history and culture, has so much to read that even those with infinite reading ability can hardly read it from beginning to end. So we developed the 25-SHI full text reading and searching system, one for single PC and the other for network systems which makes the reading and searching much easier and freer.
  • Bone Age Assessment System
    The digital processing of medicinal image is a very promising field of applied mathematics, and Bone age assessment is one of the important uses of the medicinal image. We researched on the digital processing of medicinal image taking advantage of knowledge in several branches of mathematics. Based on the results of our research, we developed the Bone Age Assessment System, which can assess the adolescents' age quickly and precisely, and give suggestions of any limitations in sports that need to be understood.
  • China TCM Patent Database
    China TCM Patent Database (CTCMPD) was established by Patent Data Research and Development Center (PDC), a part of The Intellectual Property Publishing House of State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) of China. The original purpose of creating this database was to meet the increasing need of patent examination. The database has already been used by patent examiners of SIPO. Actually, CTCMPD has collected available information on all aspects of drugs including development, synthesis, evaluation, manufacture and applications. The unique indexing on all those information enables you to search quickly and precisely for new development in your field, or from key competitors.