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Research Fields

The research at the Center for Combinatorics spans a diversity of fields in combinatorics. Most of them can be categorized into the following three areas: combinatorics, combinatorics and computer software, graph theory and combinatorial optimizations.

  • Algebraic Combinatorics
    Symmetric polynomials, group representation theory, and Yang Tableau representation theory.
  • Enumerative Combinatorics
    Tree enumeration, graph enumeration problems, and other special function enumeration.
  • Mechanization of Combinatorics
    Automated proof theory of combinatorial identities, and its celerity algorithm.
Computational Biology
  • Combinatorial Structures
  • Sequence to Structure Maps
Combinatorics and Computer Software
  • Graph Theory Algorithms
    Design and realization of algorithms on graph theory, such as searching, matching, networks optimization.
  • Cryptography and Coding Theory
    Applying combinatorial structures to studying coding and cryptography.
  • Image processing, cellular automata.
Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimizations
  • Graph structures, graph colorings, algebraic graph theory, chemical graph theory, graph polynomials, matching and factor problems of graphs, networks design and reliability analysis, probabilistic methods in graph theory.
  • Graph algorithms and complexity, NP-hard problem, approximate and probabilistic algorithms, inapproximatability, computer simulation theory, graph theoretic and optimization problems in bioinformatics, theoretical computer science.